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¡Bienvenidos! The new trend waving goodbye to the Democratic Party.

The 2016 Presidential race was taken over by the "Red Wave" of votes that came from everywhere in support of the 45th President. In 2018 the left was hyping & hoping for a "Blue Wave" during the mid-term elections that never came, but the newest trend in 2019 is the "Freedom Crave" as we saw at the launch of Bienvenidos that was hosted at the Intercontinental Hotel in Houston Texas.

This event is the first of its kind to expose to the Latino community political views other than the biased and left-leaning content created by outlets such as Telemundo and Univision. Bienvenidos is the new counterculture shock especially in modern politics, spreading the message that everyone who is curious to know what is truly happening within the Hispanic culture is welcome to join & to share that by surprise.... Latinos naturally posses conservative views!

Anna Paulina who is one of the most infamous faces behind Bienvenidos and Turning Point USA stated at an interview at CPAC in Washington D.C "The Republican Party is already geared towards who we are as people, Obviously the Latino demographic is very big on religion and we are a faith-based culture & the Republican Party embodies all that.". Which makes you think and wonder if that's true. God, Family, Country, and Hard-work are all the character traits of Latinos and the core foundations of Conservatism. So why for so many years has the nature of Hispanic culture been geared to vote Democrat?

The answer....they never heard Latinos from the conservative side. Until now!

Although, Anna Paulina was a force to be reckoned with at this event she didn't come to the stage without a backup. Months in advanced she found other like-minded Conservative Latinos all over the United States, from Florida, Louisiana, Texas and even Los Angeles, California. Sharing the same message and promoting the same values that Bienvenidos possesses, that has been reaching thousands and even hundreds of thousands of people daily.

Political Influencers such as Emma Jimenez (Conservative_Latina45) Anthony Cabassa (Conservative.Latino) Grantley Godwin (The_Typical_Liberal) Erin (Always.Right) & Johnathon Miranda (@Johnathon_Miranda) showed up in support and to speak on the same stage as Anna Paulina and congressman Dan Crenshaw. Each expressing on how important the Latino culture will affect both the 2020 election and of course the future of the conservative movement.

The Influencers panel of Bienvenidos. Shot by Sergio Luis Estevez.

The turn out of the event had 200+ patriotic Americans in the audience most of which were in fact Latino and proud of it. With dancers, salsa & reggateon music playing, churros, horchata, pan dulce, tacos & cerviche served by the amazing staff at the Intercontinental Hotel, you would think you arrived at a Quinceañera and not a political event. The atmosphere of most political events have a serious tone or rather dull energy but, this was not the case for Bienvenidos. Fiesta is the first word that comes to mind because in all honesty it was a time to party & celebrate. Not just for Latinos, but to celebrate the love they had for the United States of America and seeing new faces come to the extravagant event.

Dancers at the event. Shot by Sergio Luis Estevez.

The beginning of the conference started off with the Pledge of Allegiance, National anthem and in prayer & it ended with standing ovations, cheers of passion chanting "USA, USA, USA." The Mainstream Media has been saying that the cause of division has been started by the Trump administration and has grown by the conservative movement but as we see at Bienvenidos the only thing dividing is the Latino allegiance to the Democratic party. Unity, Love and the message of welcoming others is spreading and it is all thanks to events like this.

-Johnathon Miranda

FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO https://www.instagram.com/bienvenido.us/?hl=en


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