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Remember the brouhaha involving the Covington Catholic Highschool kids who were tambourine-assaulted by a professional agitator who claimed to be a Vietnam veteran? If you don’t, spare yourself the pain and watch the excellent summary by Prison Planet. However, if you are the type of person who gets aroused by a 2-hour long root canal performed by an amateur dentist, go ahead and knock yourself out with the full video. It’s funny how it was completely acceptable to savage a bunch of innocent Catholic school kids who dared to smile but it is nowadays anathema to disagree with Saint Gretha, isn’t it?

But back to the issue. Listen up: I am not going to bore you with the overanalyzed situation. A short summary suffices. In a nutshell, the reprehensible left-leaning mainstream media took a snippet from the Covington video and caused an obscene reaction, including calls for doxxing and violence by the usual social justice checkmarks on Twitter, who, as usual, can do whatever they want as long as their crimes are directed towards conservatives. If you want to know their names check out on Twitter the hashtag #VerifiedHate or, even better, the timeline of that young, brave conservative kid CJ Pearson (@thecjpearson), who is compiling a list of all the Kathy Griffins and Reza Aslans and Alyssa Milanos behaving like a stinking pile of dishonorable progressives in order for the Covington families to go medieval on their virtue signaling asses with a juicy lawsuit.

But I digress. What interests me the most is not that circus and the one that will ensue in court. What puzzles me to no end, instead, is the new thing that the Marxist scum considers acceptable in the arena of the Oppression Olympics: gay bashing. Yes, you read it well. It is official now. The apparatchik of the People’s Republic of Progressivism has confirmed, through the nefarious silence of its online mob, that it is perfectly okay to use gay slurs and spit on the lesbian, gay and bisexual community. Not a single one of the known social justice warriors on internet has clutched his or her pearls regarding the Black Hebrew Israelites who can be clearly heard (and seen) in the video yelling gay slurs at the Covington kids. Funny, isn’t it? The mainstream media has happily stoked the flames of a conveniently edited video, causing all the leftists to literally ask the Covington kids to be punched, doxxed, or burnt inside their school, but not a single media outlet or major internet liberal has said a single thing about the gay bashing taking place in the same video. Therefore, for the “progressive forces of America”, gay bashing is acceptable. In contrast, the entire Maoist cohort of leftist barbarians have closed ranks around a mentally challenged teenager who wears t-shirts of a terrorist group and regurgitates clichés and falsehoods about the climate instead of going back to Sweden to get enriched with some of that sweet, sweet “diversity.”

And, listen up, this is not surprising. Actually, it makes a lot of sense –if your brain has turned into pulp by the virus of Cultural Marxism. In the landscape of intersectionality and identity politics, the taxonomy of people by their “level of oppression” is entirely utilitarian and is adjusted depending on the “social justice” cause being fought. No matter how hard a snowflake virtue signals, if he or she happens to have one or more traits perceived as privileged, then the scale is adjusted –effectively creating a ranking of wokeness which, in turn, grants the people within the right to do and say whatever the hell they please. This blatant use of people by their identity is in stark contrast to the conservative view that there is something unique and dignified in every individual no matter what, and that one ought to be judged by the content of one’s character as reflected by actions.

The left is condemned to eat its own. It has always happened and it always will. The purges of Stalin, the camps of North Korea, and the political cleansing in Cuba. You name it. The illogical and immoral worldview of progressivism is condemned to go more and more extreme as it gains traction, and with it, incongruence and frictions arise, creating a fratricide clash. Look at what happened to the Jewish community involved in the Women’s March, for example. At one moment they were happily parading their pink hats and chanting “orange man bad” and the next they were barred from attending because, well, it seems to be more “woke” to be anti-Semitic, or so their leadership says. The exact same thing will happen to the gay community, and then to another "identity", and so on, until all the “privileged oppressors” are in the gulag and there’s only one perfect human being standing: a 24/7 politically correct non-binary, mixed race, queer vegan, obese midget without nationality but with a kick ass handicap, something tragic, you know, like... amputated breasts or something.

by Pablo Chihuahua

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