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POWERFUL Latino Organization Takes Capitol Hill

Bienvenido is taking over D.C.!

What is Bienvenido?

It’s a political movement which was “created by Latino renegades in order to show the Democrat party that the Latino community will no longer follow blindly in the 2020 elections.”

Bienvenido is the first-ever Latin-rooted movement within the conservative community…

The organization was created out of the need for powerful, Right-wing voices that could reach the 60 million strong Hispanic community that is found throughout the entire United States.

This need is for conservative voices became apparent when organizers realized there was an extreme lack of Right-sided point of views in Latino mass media…

The two biggest Latino-only networks, Telemundo and Univision, lean very hard to the Left and get to vomit their liberal political agenda on a captive audience of over 4.8 million viewers … It’s clear that there needs to be a balance.

So how does this small but passionate movement get their conservative message onto every Latino doorstep in America?

You knock on every door you can — especially that of the most important home in the nation…

The home of the president himself — the White House!

Abraham Enriquez, President of Bienvenido, along with young conservative icon and new VP of Bienvenido, Anna Paulina, have taken the initiative to bring Bienvenido to D.C. — to the doorsteps of the White House and Capitol Hill — for a special three-day event … one that will hopefully bring attention and weight to the voices of conservative Hispanic voters everywhere.

The conference consists of special appearances made by political influencers, speakers, tours, and meetings over the course of the next three days.

As your man in the field, I will be sending Daily Reports on all the happenings and goings on that occur throughout the entire exchange, keeping you up-to-date with any news that would be of interest to conservatives everywhere!

It’s time to take a stand and let lawmakers know that the conservative voice will NOT be silenced!

Look for my articles on all the events and how they could impact the movement and the 2020 election!

Stay tuned…

-Johnathon "Machine" Miranda


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