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Straight Pride March 2019 Written by Wyatt Rutledge

Have you ever heard of a gay pride march? You may recall the media describing one of these as a beautiful celebration of the LGBTQ community in spite of hate and discrimination. But how about the straight pride march? You know, the bigoted march of toxic masculinity and white supremacists?

Personally, I don’t consider any straight pride event to be vital or even necessary, but because I am honest, I do despise the lies and exaggerations made by the media regarding the event.

The straight pride march is not what the media claims it is . . . however, it was also unnecessary as a whole.

Let’s review what the straight pride march stands for, why -at least- its motive is worth listening to, and how it fails in its purpose.

To provide some background on the event, a few gentlemen in Boston considered a straight pride celebration as they thought themselves to be the “oppressed majority.” Their idea became a reality when they created a group called ‘Super Happy Fun America.’ This group organized the march on August 31, 2019, after obtaining a permit to do so. Their mission statement says that SHFA “advocates on behalf of the straight community in order to build respect, inclusivity, equality, diversity, unity,” etc., and they encourage everyone to embrace this march and celebrate with them “regardless of sexual orientation.”

Nothing about this description is exclusive or discriminatory, yet Jonathan Krieger for NBC describes this group and their efforts as “a deranged veneration of toxic masculinity nobody asked for.”

Rob Phelps, writing for Boston Spirits magazine, says that a straight pride march undermines the LGBTQ community and their “hard work of the ongoing fight for equal-rights.”

Although being obnoxious, straight pride is no more ‘toxic’ than gay pride. To praise one unnecessary act and condemn the other is contradictory, inconsistent, and nonsensical; remembering that homosexuals have every right and opportunity that heterosexuals have in America, and never mind that Milo Yiannopoulos, one of the most outspoken gays who happens to be married to a black man, was the ‘grand marshal’ of the straight pride march. Yiannopoulos yelled: “add the S to LGBTQ.”

This wasn’t the ‘straight men with no black or gay participants allowed march,’ as the media seemingly wants us to believe it was. The purpose, regardless of how futile or ineffective, was to celebrate straight individuals and traditional values. In and of itself, pro-straight does not mean anti-gay.

We know the motives of this march and how it came to be, now I want to examine the prominence and importance of the message that the marchers were trying to get across.

Considering the backlash to the event, it becomes easy to wonder if all this opposition is partly due to the mere bias that some have against straight individuals.

After all, the Guardian reports that protesters yelled several insults and slogans at the marchers such as, “Nazi scum,” “be gay,” and “Boston hates you!”

The fact that people are responding in this way to a mere celebration of being straight, may fuel the argument of some who are in support of such a march. We get the point: if gays can be proud, why can’t straights? With gay popularity ever increasing, are traditional values being left in the dust?

The LGBTQ community is more prominent than ever and this prominence has shown us that their goal has transcended that of living in peace as homosexuals. Examples of this are the complete legalization of gay marriage in the United States, the annual celebration of pride month, the required teaching of LGBTQ curriculum within some American schools, etc. Each year, it seems more and more obvious that homosexuals are trying to reshape our nation's society, rather than to merely live as equals with heterosexuals domestically.

Regarding the intent of the straight pride parade, the guardian says, “Despite denying being anti-LGBTQ, the organization allowed several people to the mic to complain about “LGBTQ curriculums in public schools” and children being gay.”

Kids should not be ‘learning’ about sexual preference in school; that’s called indoctrination. These issues should be publicly condemned and I believe people should speak out against them.

But, fellas, perhaps warning against the dangers of the LGBTQ community while mimicking their known style isn’t the best way of going about it. This is precisely why the straight pride march failed. It all started with reasonable concerns, but is a parade really the answer? Only two hundred individuals marched in support of the event . . . and they were outnumbered by about six hundred protesters. Of course, that means there was a strong police presence and at the end of the day there were 36 arrests and 4 injured cops. The turnout wasn’t good and the result was nothing worth celebrating! In fact, statistically, the event is worthy of being called a major flop. However, it goes to show that the VAST majority of straight individuals do not feel the need to march in ‘pride’ . . . and I am ok with that.

As far as I am concerned, any march being marched for the sole purpose of promoting one's sexuality is just silly.

All in all the straight pride march was a disorganized and unsuccessful event.

The amount of self-proclaimed victims is beyond large enough, let’s not add straight men to the existing plethora.

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