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The Media’s Master Diversion cannot go unremarked upon.

By Vince Dao, CounterCulture TV Contributor & Host of Dao’s Day on Gen Red Network

After 2 years of accepting an baseless & evidence-less hoax as fact, the media came up laughably short with the actual release of The Mueller report, as expected. They’ve tried to cover for it, however, by immediately moving from Russian collusion to the claim of obstruction of justice. This is unacceptable, the American people will never forgive or forget the bias, lies, and hatred that the mainstream media pushes. Mainstream media will never be the same.No, this unacceptable- you’ve lied to the American people for 2 years, and this cannot be forgotten.

If you’ve been following the news surrounding what has been the dumbest investigation in modern American history, you’ve probably overlooked what is perhaps the most important takeaway from this 2-year long debacle: no evidence of collusion between President Trump and the Russian government was ever found. And if, after 2 years and some $30 million, the top investigators in this country cannot find proof of something... it doesn’t exist. It never happened.

No collusion.

The media (and the 3 single, purple haired, cat owningcat-owning, middle-aged feminists who still take them seriously) are fully awarey of this- and they’ve immediately tried to divert attention from this fact. The vast majority of

“journalists” seem to have gone straight to Section II of the report. Knowing there was nothing to be found in terms of Russian collusion, the media appears to have simply glossed over this fact, and immediately shifted their entire narrative to where they think they can get at Trump. This shift in focus is, of course, obviously driven by an agenda, but there’s also an aulterior motive.

They’re covering for the fact that they got it blatantly wrong. They want to pretend like their false collusion narrative never existed.

Let’s be totally clear- while I will immediately ridicule any ridiculous conspiracy theories of Mueller himself being a Russian agent or of the Attorney General being involved in some type of #BarrCoverUp (as the highly obnoxious, minimally intelligent Alyssa Milano put it), I am in no way insinuating that the obstruction claims should not be discussed or debated. They absolutely should be. I expect to be debating this subject extensively for the foreseeable future; in fact, I was originally planning on making this piece into a rebuttal of the claims that the president did obstruct justice as one can not obstruct something that never existed, but as I said, we will save that for later..

CBut, considering a large portion of conservative commentators will do the same, and repeat identical arguments in the process, I consider this to be somewhat redundant. So, as the majority of the right chases after the media on their profound quest of finding why “Orange Man did bad,” I stand here alone with one fundamental question still left on the table.

Are the people that passed the collusion hoax off as truth for the last 2 years ever going to be held accountable?

This was, after all, the greatest manifestation of a pattern I’ve been noticing from these people- they find an unproven allegation against Trump, latch onto and spread it like a disease for as long as they can, then pretend it never existed when their narrative turns out to be false. When is it going to end? Are America’s beloved journalists ever going to be confronted about this?

And no, for the record, I’m not suggesting that these liars and frauds be criminally prosecuted. Such fascistic tactics are tools of the left. What I am suggesting, however, is that the followers of these idiots stop taking them seriously. I suggest that the opinion commentators at WaPo and CNN, who comically masquerade as “objective journalists,” not only admit that they do indeed have an agenda against President Trump, but also issue a formal apology for misleading (and wasting the time of) the American public.

I suggest that the leftwing cable networks, who knowingly ignored actual and relevant political news to instead discuss this hoax for 2 years, spend the next 2 years explaining why their hoax was a lie. I suggest that Don Lemon, who has legitimately said on air that “it’s not that I don’t like the president, or have an agenda against him, I am simply speaking the truth as I see it” admit that he is absolutely a biased opinion commentator who does not like the president and is knowingly pushing an agenda against him.

I suggest that the idiotic Democratic politicians who made idiotic moronic remarks such as “you really have to be trying to look away to not see collusion” admit that they’re frauds and stop running our country immediately. I suggest that Rep. Adam Schitt (Schiff) (D-CA) step down from the House Intelligence Committee for blatantly lying to the public about this hoax. I suggest that my own congresswoman, Maxine Waters, retract her statements about collusion being “a lot easier to prove than some people think” and admit that she is a person of incredibly low intelligence. I suggest that Hillary Clinton, who, before her resounding defeat, asserted that we as Americans must always accept the results of the election, never step foot in public life again. again.

Most importantly, I suggest that the broader American left finally start finally internalizing the blame for the 2016 election. Ever since Election Night, I’ve heard Hillary Clinton’s magnificent flop blamed on everything from white people to Bernie Sanders. However, now that the left’s go-to excuse has been decisively extinguished, I’m curious as to whether they’ll finally admit that the last presidential election results werewas on them. Will the left, in the wake of these findings, finally admit that the reason Hillary lost was not because of Trump’s grand conspiracy with a foreign power, but rather, because of the fact that she was the worst presidential candidate in modern American history?

Will they admit that the American voters’ vocal rejection of Clinton was a reflection of just how terrible the Obama presidency was for the people of this country? That Hillary was, and is, a revolting human being and corrupt beyond belief? That the Democratic Party completely abandoned the Americans living in the Heartland? Will they finally admit that it was not the Russian government that rejected Hillary, but rather, the American people?

Probably not.

But, as we enter the early stages of the 2020 race, this Russia hoax must not be forgotten byto voters. The way in which Democrats smeared, obstructed, targeted, and attacked our president off of a false narrative cannot be lost to history. Voters must remember how supposedly “objective” news anchors dedicated their entire programs to this hoax. We must all remember how a hysterical American left tried to reverse the results of a legitimate election and destroy the Trump presidency off of a supposed crime that was never committed.

Should the Democrats continue this charade into 2020, asand they probably will, this election becomes even less about policy and more about the future of our democracy itself. On one side stands a Democratic Party hell-bent not on advocating for their preferred policies, but rather, on waging a dirty and underhanded war against the president himself. They seem ready to lie, cheat, and steal to take down the president. They will compromise the legitimacy of American elections if it allows them to finally get Trump. At this point, these people have no basic morals, values, or beliefs, though they portray themselves as morally superior as a main talking point. Any such fundamental principles held by Democrats were eroded away long ago by the degenerative disease that is Trump Derangement Syndrome.

All that is left are angry, incoherent people with a dangerous yearning for the destruction of America and power for themselves. What will these people do when they finally take power?

...May God help us when they do.

Alongside nonsensical policies that will destroy and bankrupt the entire country, one should expect a near limitless weaponization of the justice system, FBI, IRS, and a vast plethora of other corrupt government agencies against their political opponents. If you thought the thuggish Obama administration repeatedly abusing executive power to hide its crimes during the Fast n’ Furious scandal, using the IRS to target conservatives, and throwing Dinesh D’Souza in prison was bad, you should probably be bracing yourself for the next Democratic presidency which will be a presidency of McCarthyism, Fascism, and distress in America..

This is not a conspiracy theory. It’s not propaganda. It’s simply an analysis of what they’ve already proved they’re willing to do.

And, on the other side stands President Trump- a man who, for all of his shortcomings, has withstood the tempest of lies, slander, and hate to serve the American people. And, for the most part, has done a pretty damn good job at it. Democrats, with the entire mainstream media backing them, have still largely failed to get to the man. Amidst this atmosphere of hatred, President Trump’s policies have still been able to do far more to empower Americans, especially minorities, than those of the past few administrations.

So, barring a particularly odd and unusual turn of events that results in Rand Paul seeking the Republican nomination in 2020, I certainly know whose side I’ll be on in the upcoming election.

Keep America Great.

Vince Dao is a conservative political commentator who is the founder and host of Dao’s Day on the YouTube channel Gen Red Network, as well as a contributor for CounterCulture TV. He can also be found on Twitter @daos_day and Instagram @daos.day.


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