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The Proud Boys go R.I.N.O hunting

Congressional candidate Omar Navarro Stalks threatens Ex-Girlfriend, brags about scamming people for campaign contributions, Says "dumb minorities, can be told to do anything" and much more!

Hoe-mar Enlargo is making waves in the world of politics but not for his run as a congressional candidate, but for running his mouth.

As the old saying goes "Loose lips sink ships" and as we are seeing now, Omar's support is dropping faster than when he sits down.

What sparked all this controversy was nothing more than a feud between Mr.Navarro and his recent ex-girlfriend over at the Free Speech rally in Washington D.C.

An event hosted by Proud Boy Chairman Enrique Tarrio (RIGHT) and former Info wars field reporter Joe Biggs(LEFT). Omar then proceeded to handle the situation as mature and professional as he possibly can and do what most beta males do.......he ran to Twitter and started ranting.

On July 4 at 1:20 am Omar tweeted:

Trying to smear his ex saying she was doing "cocaine and sleeping with proud boys" in 2019 where almost everyone is on a different type of drug and being a "slut" is praised its safe to say that this tweet did nothing to the reputation of his ex but more so put the spotlight on Omar that he cannot please his woman.

As Enrique Tarrio has stated "proud boys are good at 3 things. Fighting, f*cking and fighting" apparently this might prove his point. Later on, Omar tweeted that "Proud boys are the Antifa of the right" which makes no sense, then again Omar makes no CENTS unless he is ripping off his donors and the use of campaign funds for his own private investment in Bitcoin.



That same evening we see that Omar's ex defends herself and even brings up past police reports filed by his ex-wife.


But in these  leaked Instagram messages, which date to November 2018, Hoe-Mar admits that “all politicians are” in it for the money, and that he “would run as a Democrat if it means I win.” even though in previous statements Omar worked for Maxine Waters campaign and is actually a Democrat, as an insider tells CCTV.

Omar continues to bombard his ex-girlfriend with rage-filled  calls and has already been on probation for putting a tracking device on his ex-wife car



Maxine waters has increased her lead over Navarro in every successive election they have fought. She won with 76.1 percent of the vote in 2016, and 77.7 percent in 2018. Maybe it's best if Omar would be in the Gym instead of in denial


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