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Trudeau Better at Dress-up than at Politics

By Wyatt Rutledge

Did you know that the certain outfits and/or cosmetics that someone wears determines whether that person is a racist? No? Good, you operate using at least some common sense. For those of you who answered yes, get ready to hate someone whom you have been trained to love. The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has worn ‘brown-face’ and ‘black-face’ in the past.

This has been the most recent scandal on the news, so let’s take a look at the situation, set the record straight, and discover what this means for Mr. Trudeau.

To catch everyone up: a picture surfaced, this week, of Justin Trudeau at a themed gala in 2001, wearing a turban and an aladdin-like costume with his face and hands colored brown. This outraged many people because . . . it’s 2019. Furthermore, the controversy apparently worsened after Trudeau apologized to a hoard of reporters and admitted that he had done black-face in high school, as well. More pictures popped up, soon-after the first went viral.

Countless people insist that this is an act of racism on the part of the Prime Minister. I would encourage those people to do some research into the topic of racism. Despite what even Trudeau, himself, has said, wearing makeup and a costume for the purpose of resembling another race is NOT racist. I defended Ralph Northam early this year, I defended Sarah Silverman more recently, I will defend Justin Trudeau, and anyone else who has darkened their skin for a party, joke, skit, play, etc. We should let individuals decide their own motives for adopting and portraying the attributes of a different race, rather than deciding for them that their motives are racist and disrespectful because, frankly, they could be the exact opposite . . . and maybe even a form of flattery. Isn’t imitation the most sincere form of flattery?

When speaking to reporters, Trudeau said, “It was a racist thing to do. I should have known better then but I didn’t and I’m sorry.”

Justin would never say that he is a racist so how can he, or anyone, say that what he did in 2001 was racist? He had no malicious intent, he was not spewing racial epithets, he was not disrespecting arabs. After all, the name of the gala was ARABIAN NIGHTS! The only thing he is guilty of, is being more accurate than the rest of the party goers.

Justin Trudeau did black-face in highschool when performing the song ‘Day-O’ by black singer Harry Belafonte. Did he insult, attack, or make fun of Belafonte? No. Again, this is not racism; merely accuracy. If I was told to imitate Chris Farley, I would immediately stuff a pillow in my shirt. Not to mock the man, but to resemble him as well as I can and because, yes, it is funny. Perhaps Justin admire Belafonte and wanted to present an accurate portrayal of the singer and activist.

Regarding the scandal, left-wing Canadian politician Jagmeet Singh tweeted that “Tonight is not about the Prime Minister. It’s about every young person mocked for the colour of their skin. The child who had their turban ripped off their head.”

To Mr. Singh I ask, where is the mockery in what Prime Minister Trudeau did in 2001 and where is the child who's turban was ripped off by him? The answers are none and nowhere. Another relevant question is, what does any of this have to do with anything going on today? To which, the answer is: nothing.

I suggest that we focus more on the fact that Justin Trudeau is a man who doesn’t know how to run a country and who has knowingly attempted to obstruct justice by interfering with a criminal case, for example, rather than the fact that he dressed up like an arab at an arab themed party nearly twenty years ago.

We know the background of the situation, we know that the media has twisted the situation into something it’s not. What does this mean for Trudeau? The near future doesn’t look good for him with a Canadian election right around the corner. Many headlines are explaining this could be the end of Trudeau as Prime Minister and I agree, this is quite plausible. Although he did nothing racist or contemptuous, he is basically pretending that he did because he is afraid to take a stand. Justin Trudeau’s real weakness is that he has no backbone. Instead of standing up for himself and explaining that he was not in the wrong for emulating the character that he did, he apologized, said what he did was racist, and said that -as a white man- he comes from “a place of privilege.”

By admitting any form of racism, he is allowing others to drag his paradigm and reputation where they please. If Justin Trudeau loses his position as Prime Minister I will be the first to say good riddance. But to think he may lose it over the one thing he did not do wrong is a shame.


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